Season 2 (November 2018 – July 2019)

7th November 2018 (16.30-18.00): Suppression of Research Findings

Christian, A. 2017. On the Suppression of Medical Evidence. Journal for General Philosophy of Science, 48(3), 395-418.

21st November 2018 (16.00-17.30): Mechanisms and Extrapolation

Steel, D. 2013. Mechanisms and Extrapolation in the Abortion-Crime Controversy. In: Chao HK., Chen ST., Millstein R. (eds): Mechanism and Causality in Biology and Economics. History, Philosophy and Theory of the Life Sciences 3. Springer (Dordrecht), 185-206.

5th December 2018 (16.00-17.30): Machine Learning and Mechanistic Models in Biology

Ratti, E. & López-Rubio, E. fortcoming. Mechanistic Models and the Explanatory Limits of Machine Learning. Philosophy of Science.

16th January 2019 (16.00-17.30): Values and Ontological Choices

Ludwig, D. 2016. Ontological Choices and the Value-Free Ideal. Erkenntnis, 81(6), 1253–1272.

30th January 2019 (16.00-17.30): Evidence Amalgamation

Bertolaso M. & F. Sterpetti 2017. Evidence amalgamation, plausibility, and cancer research. Synthese, 1-39.

13rd February 2019 (16.00-17.30): Causation in Biology

Woodward, J. 2010. Causation in biology: stability, specificity, and the choice of levels of explanation. Biology & Philosophy, 25(3), 287–318.

3rd April (16.00-17.30): A Philosophical Framework for Scientific Practice

Chang, H. 2014. Epistemic Activities and Systems of Practice: Units of Analysis in Philosophy of Science After the Practice Turn. In Science after the Practice Turn in the Philosophy, History, and Social Studies of Science, edited by Soler, L. et al., pp. 67-79. London: Routledge.

24th April

– Easter break –

8th May (16.00-17.30): Downward Causation in Biology

Green, S. 2018. Scale Dependency and Downward Causation in Biology. Philosophy of Science, 85 (5), pp. 998–1011.

22nd May (16.00-17.30): In-depth Interviews and (Over)generalisations

Lucas, S. R. 2014. Beyond the existence proof: ontological conditions, epistemological implications, and in-depth interview research. Quality & Quantity, 48 (1), pp. 387–408.

19th June (16.00-17.30): Robustness and Explanation

Schupbach, J. N. 2018. Robustness Analysis as Explanatory Reasoning. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 69 (1), pp. 275–300.

3rd July (16.00-17.30): Evidence and Evidence-Based Policy

Montuschi, E. 2009. Questions of Evidence in Evidence-Based Policy. Axiomathes, 19, pp. 425–439.

24th July (16.00-17.30): Individuation in Biology

Love, A. C. 2018. Individuation, Individuality, and Experimental Practice in Developmental Biology. In Individuation, Process, and Scientific Practices, edited by Otávio Bueno, Ruey-Lin Chen, and Melinda Bonnie Fagan, pp. 165-191. New York: Oxford University Press.

Season 1 (January-July 2018):

15th January 2018 (16-18): Organisational Matters & Repertoires in Scientific Research
Ankeny, R.A. & Leonelli, S. 2016. Repertoires: A Post-Kuhnian Perspective on Scientific Change and Collaborative Research. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 60, 18-28.

29th January 2018 (16-18): Extrapolating in Biomedicine
Lemoine, M. 2017. Animal Extrapolation in Preclinical Studies: An Analysis of the Tragic Case of Tgn1412. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 61, 35-45.

12nd February (16-18): The Nature of Data in Scientific Practice
Leonelli, S. 2015. What Counts as Scientific Data? A Relational Framework. Philosophy of Science 82(5), 810-821.

5th March 2018 (16-18): Doing Science, Writing Science
Schickore, J. 2008. Doing Science, Writing Science. Philosophy of Science 75(3), 323-343.

12nd March 2018 (16-18): Integrating and Triangulating Evidence
Kuorikoski, J. & Marchionni, C. 2016. Triangulation Across the Lab, the Scanner and the Field: The Case of Social Preferences. European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 6(3), 361–376.

16th April 2018 (16-18): Evidence and Explanation
Wilde, M. & Parkkinen, VP. 2017. Extrapolation and the Russo–Williamson thesis. Synthese. S.I.: Evidence Amalgation in the Sciences.

7th May 2018 (16-18): Regulatory Science in Action
Jasanoff, S. 1995. Procedural Choices in Regulatory Science. Technology in Society, 17(3), 279-293.

28th May 2018 (16-18): Complex Evidence and Democratic Decision-making
Douglas, H. 2012. Weighing Complex Evidence in a Democratic Society. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, 22(2), pp. 139-162.

11th June 2018 (16-18): Aetiology and Models of Disease
Fuller, J. 2018. Universal etiology, multifactorial diseases and the constitutive model of disease classification. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 67, pp. 8-15. 

25th June 2018 (16-18): Standards in Model Organism Research
Hardesty, R.A. 2018. Much ado about mice: Standard-setting in model organism research. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 68–69, pp. 15-24.

9th July 2018 (16-18): The Reproducibility Crisis
Ioannidis, J.P.A. 2005. Why Most Published Research Findings Are False. PLoS Medicine, 2(8), e124.